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Company History

The company was established in 2016 and is located in Jiading Industrial Park, Shanghai. The company focuses on the development of optics and is a comprehensive optoelectronic enterprise that integrates research and development, sampling, production, sales, and service. It can meet the professional and customized non-standard product needs of customers.

The company has rich experience in production, processing, and technological research and development, as well as good industry resources. We already have 1 invention patent and 30 utility model patents.

Including three major product systems:

1Endoscopic lenses, including medical endoscopes, industrial endoscopes, etc;

2Optical lens, including surveillance and security lens, smart home lens, fisheye lens lens, distortion free lens, motion DV lens, aerial photography/UAV lens, scanner lens, vehicle mounted wide-angle lens, VR lens, TOF lens, etc;

3Optical lens, including plastic aspheric lens and optical glass lens. 

Plastic aspherical lenses include: LiDAR lens, coupling mirror, collimator, HUD lens, compound eye lens, etc;

Optical glass lenses include: various biconvex lenses, biconcave lenses, planoconvex lenses, planoconvex lenses, meniscus convex lenses, etc;

The company has a complete quality system and has passed ISO9001:2008 certification and ISO14000 environmental system certification to ensure product quality.The company is equipped with several sets of optical processing equipment, including high-precision optical injection molding machine, coating machine, spherical milling machine, finishing mill, polishing machine,

edging machine, ultrasonic cleaning machine, interferometer, spectrometer, full frequency MTF tester, full-automatic center deviation meter, high and low temperature tester, vibration tester, etc.

There are injection molding workshops, lens production and assembly, optical coating and other ten thousand level clean workshops and optical glass lens production workshops.

With the continuous expansion of the company's business, a new factory has been built in the High tech Zone, Yushan County, Shangrao City, Jiangxi Province, with a monthly output of 4 million optical glass lenses and 12 million plastic aspheric lenses, and an average shipment of 4 million lenses per month.

Our new project: optical assembly of cars products including:


Millimeter Wave Radar Lens for Car


Lens of Car Rear Projection Led Light/Smart Led Light.

Our Factory

Our factory is located in the international metropolis of Shanghai, China, and we have built a new factory in Jiangxi. We have 6 semi-automatic assembly lines and 5 fully automatic assembly lines. We have 200 employees and 10 senior R&D engineers. We have five major production departments: Optical Lens Manufacturing Department, Precision Optical Mold Manufacturing Department, Lens Assembly Department, Precision Structure Department, and Aspheric Precision Forming Department. We can easily shorten delivery time and reduce production costs for your OEM ODM orders.

Optical Lens Manufacturing Department

Precision Optics Mold Making Department

Lens Assembly Department

Precisionstructural Department

Forming and Precision Aspheric forming Department

Production Equipment

MTF detection equipment, Dispenser Machine,Inking machine,MTF detection equipment,Semi automatic assembly machine,Tool microscope ,UV curing machine

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